Remedy Spiced Rum Golden 20S 41,5% - 70Cl.
  • Remedy Spiced Rum Golden 20S 41,5% - 70Cl.

Remedy Spiced Rum Golden 20S 41,5% - 70Cl.


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Under the slogan ‘Once forbidden, now reborn’, Remedy offers an intriguing mystery. Rum was created during Prohibition in 1920s America, when it was forbidden to produce, transport and sell alcohol.

Pharmacists were exceptions to this rule under certain strict conditions. It was in this context that an industrious alchemist reinvented rum by adding the finest ingredients. Vanilla, orange zest and cinnamon. ‘This is what life tastes like. Sweet, strong and rich. ‘

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The limited edition ‘Golden 1920s Edition’ celebrates the birth of Remedy Spiced Rum and comes in a noble, rebellious and eye-catching form.
In addition to the special label design, the Golden 1920s Edition comes in a matching gift box that can be used as a money box.
Nose Fine, spicy aromas with a delicate sweetness.
Taste Fresh orange zest and sweet vanilla, followed by spicy notes of cinnamon and ground pepper - especially the orange zest - very full of character Finish: sweet and spicy with a pleasantly fruity sweetness.

The box is shaped like a money box.

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