jack Daniel's Old N°7 - 5 cl PET 40°
  • jack Daniel's Old N°7 - 5 cl PET 40°

Jack Daniel's Old N°7 - 5 cl PET 40°

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Jack Daniel's is a Tennessee whiskey, not a Kentucky bourbon: after distillation, the whisky is filtered through a 3-metre layer of maple charcoal before being put into casks. This process, known as the Lincoln County Process, gives this star whiskey all its smoothness!

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Amber in colour with orange highlights,

The nose is soft and slightly woody, with a hint of tobacco.

The oily palate is marked by characteristic aromas of leather, burnt wood and tobacco.

The finish: as delicate as a caress, it prolongs this very carnal sensation with a hint of tannic harshness (tea, fresh grape skin).

As well as the essential Old No.7, aged for at least five years, with its instantly recognisable notes of vanilla, citrus and oak, Jack Daniel's offers a range of other expressions: Gentleman Jack, filtered a second time through charcoal, is even smoother and more sophisticated; Single Barrel, a selection of absolutely superb casks, with distinct pecan notes; and finally Monogram, the real jewel in the range and a whiskey treasure.

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