GIN Buss 509 Elderflower 40° 0.7L
  • GIN Buss 509 Elderflower 40° 0.7L

Buss 509 Elderflower 40° 0.7L

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A quality gin, infused with elderflower botanicals.

This gin was created with the winter festivities in mind but quickly turned it into an all year favourite amongst gin lovers. An extravagant and colourful distillation that becomes remarkably subtle in a Gin & Tonic mix.

No sugar, synthetic dyes or artificial flavors are added.

  • 40% alcohol
  • Rich elderflower flavour
  • Bright blue/purple blueberry skin colour
  • Distilled from:
    • 100% pure grain
    • 100% fresh botanicals, herbs and fruit: juniper, coriander, liquorice, angelica, vanilla, cardamom, iris, orange, lemon, elderflower
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A unique combination of macerated fresh fruit (peaches) and the finest herbs and spices.

A FLAVOURFUL gin with a fresh, dry taste, ideal as an aperitif or digestive.

Fresh, floral and dry.

BELGIAN GIN created in Antwerp and inspired by the passion of its inventor Serge Buss.

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