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Did you know? The world-famous Plantation brand is changing its name to... "Planteray". Planteray". Ray, like the ray of sunshine that caresses the cane fields in the early hours of the morning, giving them the vitality they need to produce the precious gold: sugar!


This pretty, brightly-coloured bottle contains the first vintage to be marketed under this new name: Planteray. It joins the new Terraverra range, alongside Plantation Fiji 2004, Panama 2010 and Barbados 2007.

We've been invited to a very special rum-producing region: Belize.

It was here, at the Travellers distillery, that this rum was made, distilled in a column still.

It is aged for 13 years in Bourbon casks in a tropical climate, then for a further two years in Cognac casks - in a continental climate, once it has reached France - to reach its full potential.

It offers exquisite Bourbon notes, gradually giving way to citrus fruit, dried fruit and then coffee.

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