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Rhum Ricci Influences N°3 0,7l. - 46°
  • Rhum Ricci Influences N°3 0,7l. - 46°

Rhum Ricci Influences N°3 0,7l. - 46°

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Famille Ricci rums are created with passion in our family home in Mougins, the capital of gastronomy and the art of living.

After a meticulous selection of rums from all over the world, we mature, blend, reduce and bottle them in our cellars with the utmost expertise.

Our different creations are the result of a marriage of rums from different origins, sublimated by barrels made from multiple types of wood, with secret toastings specially designed for us by our exclusive, carefully researched ageing and reduction techniques, which are kept preciously secret.



Guatemala 62%, Guyana 38%.


Pot Still & Column


Bourbon cask - New cask, strong toast - New cask, light toast + mini acacia casks secret toast ‘development flavour


No additions.

Tasting notes

Complex and fruity - Honeyed notes, citrus fruit, mentholated notes, candied fruit, woody notes.

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