Gin Churchill 0,5l - 37,5°
  • Gin Churchill 0,5l - 37,5°

Sir Chill Gin 37.5°

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A Belgian gin based on tobacco stem extract combined with vanilla, mandarin and almond. This combination makes a comparison with other types of gin difficult, if not impossible.


The origins of ‘Sir chill gin’ lie in the town of Wevelgem in West Flanders. Two cigar aficionados wondered how the exquisite taste of tobacco would come across in a liquid state. This is the beginning of a beautiful story. The two friends travelled to the four corners of the world to discover the best tobaccos available. Their aim was to discover the ideal combination between tobacco and other flavours from around the world. After months of tasting and combining flavours, they came up with the ideal combination that united, so to speak, all the continents of the world. The result is an exceptional gin with a clear hint of tobacco and a hint of vanilla. There is also a hint of mandarin and almond. The combination of so many fruits, spices, plants and nuts results in an explosion of flavours that has never been equalled. ‘Sir Chill Gin is truly an exquisite gin in the world of gins, open to all those seeking a challenge and innovation. Your taste buds will be spoilt for choice as you discover and savour this gin, which has been crafted with the utmost care and stands for superior quality. What's more, each bottle is hand-filled to guarantee all these qualities. A deep respect for craftsmanship makes this gin a perfect match for our contemporary tastes. Sir chill gin can be summed up in one word: ‘Gin to its perfection’.

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