Panda Gin Blackbox 40° 0.7L
  • Panda Gin Blackbox 40° 0.7L

Panda Gin Blackbox 40° 0.7L

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Discover the new Panda Gin Giftbox.

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Discover the new Panda Gin Giftbox.

1 Panda 70cl bottle - 2 premium glasses and coasters.

Welcome to Panda Gin, your ultimate destination for an unforgettable gin tasting experience! We're delighted to introduce our brand new Panda Gin GiftBox, designed to offer you a unique and friendly experience. In each Panda Gin GiftBox, you'll discover a carefully curated selection designed to satisfy the most discerning of gin lovers. Here's what you'll find inside: Panda Gin 70cl bottle: Our gin is a true work of art distilled with passion and expertise. Made from premium ingredients, it offers an exceptional taste experience with subtle and exquisite notes that will delight your taste buds. 2 Premium glasses: To fully appreciate the complexity and richness of Panda Gin's flavours, we've included two premium glasses. Their elegant design and high quality finish add a touch of elegance to your tasting experience. 2 Personalised coasters: We want every moment spent sipping Panda Gin to be memorable. That's why we've included two personalised coasters with unique designs.


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